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Knight Dagmar w sword Medieval Crochet Doll handmade homemade royalty gift for kids novelty

Knight Dagmar w sword Medieval Crochet Doll handmade homemade royalty gift for kids novelty

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Hello everyone, I’m Dagmar, a noble knight swarm to protect my kingdom. I have trained my whole life to help the royal family as the everyday villagers of the kingdom. One of the things I do to make the kingdom safe is follow around the Dragon Doilroad. He tries to help the kingdom but he often creates such a mess! I am always stuck cleaning up after his antics around the village. While some villagers find his little jokes very funny I do not at all. He once tricked me by giving me a delicious looking donut and once I bit into it, I tasted mustard! It was disgusting! I sure hope you can help me keep the kingdom safe and keep Doilroad out of trouble!

Introducing Knight Dagmar, the Crocheted Doll with a Sword! Handcrafted with love and attention to detail, this captivating crochet doll is ready to embark on epic adventures and defend the realm. With his medieval-inspired armor and fearless spirit, Knight Dagmar makes a truly unique and enchanting gift for kids and lovers of fantasy.

Knight Dagmar stands tall with his crocheted body and valiant presence. Dressed in a magnificent suit of armor, he is ready to face any challenge that comes his way. His armor is intricately crafted, complete with a helmet, chest plate, gauntlets, and boots, all made with precision and care. In his hand, he proudly holds a crochet sword, a symbol of his bravery and dedication to protect the kingdom.

This crochet doll is handmade using high-quality yarn, ensuring a soft and huggable texture. His expressive embroidered eyes and confident smile give him a lifelike character that sparks imagination and encourages imaginative play. Knight Dagmar is not only a toy but a companion that will inspire young adventurers to embark on daring quests and create their own tales of heroism.


Design: Crocheted doll named Knight Dagmar
Armor: Medieval-inspired suit
Accessories: Crocheted sword
Size: [Insert dimensions here]
Materials: Soft yarn, safety stuffing
Care: Spot clean as needed
Knight Dagmar, the Crocheted Doll with a Sword, is a wonderful gift for children who love knights, castles, and tales of chivalry. Whether they imagine him defending the kingdom or engaging in epic battles, this doll will ignite their creativity and bring joy to their playtime. It is also an ideal novelty item for collectors or as a decorative piece celebrating the spirit of medieval times.

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Note: Each doll is individually handmade and may have slight variations in color and appearance, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

Embark on heroic adventures with Knight Dagmar, the Crocheted Doll with a Sword. Orde

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